Sunday, September 11, 2005

Yeah I know your eyes...


My sharon, it has, again, been a while, things have changed!

I now have a job, at The Body Shop, working 4-hour shifts at £5.10 an hour and I lobe it so, very much. I get 50% discount too! Woo! And college has started which is fabola, I have about a million lessons of art every week, which is also fabola. So, yeah, everything is peachy-keen, jelly-bean....not much to complain about.

Me, Ash, Mike, John and Rob all went to Casi last night and had a lovely time although it was sooo packed and sooooo very hot, it was fun.

That's all my loverlies...


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Lick my legs....

'lo you...

All is loverly in Amy World....buying pretty things...awaiting gcse results...generally doing bugger all most of the time. Hehehe...

Am desperately trying to get a job for extra (or just some) moolah, to carry on with the buyage of pretty thingies as my cd collection is in need of an update. And I need a winter coat, as it is nearly winter. Hmm, dunno where to apply for next, although Pizza Hut is looming in the back of my head (you get tips!) I may go that's a medium vegetarian supreme?....

Anyway... this week should be fun, tis Robs birthday on wednesday so celebrations are taking place at his house, then results on thursday! Woop! or boooo, depending on what I get. I keep having dreams that I get an A* in art though know...

Erm....last week in Casi was fun, I am a 'wanted lady' according to Amylicious as I managed to get 3 boyo's telephone numbers (I could've got 4 if I could've found that Adam boyo...) and kissed a purdy boyo (who looked like Ashton Kutcher with blonde, floppy hair) on the dancefloor. A lot. Fuck me, he is gorgeous.

Anyway, until next time.....

"Love is an unfamiliar name, present and future I'm going to love you...
love is an unfamiliar name, I keep trying to reach you but you're not the same...."

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I got your secret.....

........And I sure ain't gonna keep it !
Oh, my has been too long. I apologise, sort of. It's hard maintaining two bloggeries.
Since I last updated shitloads has happened but I'm not going to go into it all. I went on my jollies, it was fab. I have a tan, it is also fab. I have tickets to see *Queen Adreena* in September as well as Goldfrapp tickets for October. Woop! And it is my birthday verrr sooney, which should be *fantastico*. Then off to college in September, finally. Should be ace and *hopefully* un-eventful, as some calmness would be much appreciated!
I'll try and update more, although we know that won't happen.
Have a good one
"I don't need your second-hand kisses
you don't need me at all...."

Friday, July 01, 2005

Please could you take my shakes?

Woah there, pickle. It, again, has been a while. I am *finey pie* though, thanks for asking.

Exams are officially over and now all I have to do is *wait* for the results, they have gone pretty quick and I have only done *incredibly* shit on one exam which doesn't matter, as science is not my favourite subject therefore I will not be using it in later life! What else, what else? Oh yes, the Leavers Party thingy on tuesday night was a *loverly* night, better than I expected but not fantastico. It did not make me want to go back to school, hehe.....

But, more importantly, I went to see Oasis yesterday! Yep, I was there along with a *huge* crowd of 70,000 people at Manchester City stadium *dancing* and screaming my head off while Oasis played fabulously well. It was *fucking ace*.

Anyway, I will not ramble on as it is friday and I have not packed my suitcase for Sunday (I ham off to Cyprus for une week to develop a tan and have a break from the joys of living in Warrington- there aren't any)

Have funos,

"Now I can't get full, please could you take my shakes?
And could you hold them still?
You love... you love... you love... I hate the way you love.
I hate the way you love. "

Sunday, May 29, 2005

" Well it's ok, and we're ok...

....'cause I'm with you! "
* dances *
Hello you! Things.....they are ok for once!
I officially left William Beamont on thursday (the 20th), which was a disappointingly boring day. I expected bags of fun and tears but to no avail....we just plodded along like it was an ordinary day, apart from a few people who were crying their shoes off. Although, I was still tired from The Music gig on wednesday night which was aceness in a gig-like form. Me, Mike, Amy, Gav and John danced like nutters all night and left in verrrrry good moods. Lovely lovely lovely.
Then on thursday night (after a shit thursday afternoon where I wanted to brutally kill a few people as I was in a foul mood) I had another Fictitious audition where all went spiffingly well. Then on friday night I went to see Eels at Bridgewater hall which was really pretty, yet slightly weird with this kitsch cartoon thing that was shown instead of a support band. Something about someone having no friends and then building a house, and there was a crocodile in it who had a pipe. Moral of the story - don't bother building houses for people with no friends, by the time you have built it, they will have friends. Nice....
Apart from that, and exams that are now in full swing, not much has been a-go-go. I had another Fictitious audition last night, making that our 4th audition....I think, so things are looking up. So now I am chilling after a yummy bbq with le family listening to Death Cab For Cutie - Tiny Vessels (I was listening to Open Hand up there ^^^ ) I have this week off to "revise" and then exams start again on the 6th of June. Erlack. At least I never have to go to another lesson in William Beamont again. Woop! * grins *
Laters shmaters
ps - I had a weird dream last night where a friend (who shall remain nameless) tried to borrow my mums car to drive someone home and they were saying "It's ok, your mum will never know" and then I was shouting at them calling them pathetic and evil and saying that I hated them! Madness! So I looked it up in my dream book and it said I should work out how much I trust this person. Not something that I want to think about. Well, you don't want to stop trusting one of your friends do you? Especially one who you have trusted since what feels like forever. However, I am a firm believer that dreams mean something so I guess I will have to think about it....eeek.
" All I see are dark grey clouds
In the distance moving closer with every hour
So when you ask "Is something wrong?"
I think "You're damn right there is but we can't talk about it now.
No, we can't talk about it now.
So one last touch and then you'll go
And we'll pretend that it meant something so much more
But it was vile, and it was cheap
and you are beautiful but you don't mean a thing to me
yeah you are beautiful but you don't mean a thing to me "

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Well don't I look pretty walking down the street....

Bonjourno Mofo! It's been faaaar too long. I'm shit at this blog thing aren't i?

Still, plenty has been a-go-go, exams are around the corner as we leave for study leave on the 20th! Woop! Finally, I get out of that shit-hole. After 5 looooong years of feeling like I don't belong there, I don't have to feel it any more, I say we get the party hats out as I type! Hehehe... Although I am poo-ing my wee topshop panties at the thought of exams...but my french exam today was pretty fooking easy so my confidence has risen slightly. Only slightly though.

And in other things....PTA came to Warrington! Och, it was tres fab. The PTA boyos came with their entourage to WA1 in the town centre and rocked it down to it's very foundations. Well, maybe I am exaggerating there but it was a bloody ace gig. Everyone was there (ish) and it was just lubberly considering I hadn't seen everyone for a while! After they left (they had to get back to Manny) me and Amylicious danced like nutters until 1 o'clock to Kings Of Leon and ther like..... all in all we had an amazingly fab time. Ooooh, and I am tootling off to an Eels gig on the 20th too, as a lovely end to a lovely day!

Oooh, I have not told you about the Fictitious auditions have I? Well, me and the husband willingly (we were not forced) auditioned a couple of weeks ago as they are looking for two gorgeous girly singers so we thought we'd go along as we have pretty good voices and we are gorgey, of course! It went pretty well even though my voice was a bit poo as I had a cold etc. but we have a second auditon this sunday! Woop! Wish us luck...

So, this weekendy am off to Manny to buy some new pretty things on saturday and am off to auditions on sunday! Eeeek, I will have no time to revise! Ah well....

Mucho lurf....

"No I don't know how I could possibly love you, without aching."

Friday, April 01, 2005

Yeah, yeah, it'll go in the book.....

Muhahahaharrrrr, hey bitch!

Yeah, so, me and Miss Amylicious ( I need to stop calling her that, when she knocks on my door I always shout "Ooooooh, it's Miss Amy-licious!" like the nutter that I am) have decided to write a book, which we have joked about for a while ( "That could only happen to us, it's definately going in the book") and, I don't know about Amy, but I am taking it uber-seriously 'cause I really want to give this a try, should be mucho fun! I am not telling you what it's about'll have to buy it when it gets published! Hehehe.......

So we've had 2 weeks off and oh, what fun it has been. Although I have tonsilitis which is a bugger. Still, spending days in Starbucks and moaning about having no money is always fun....

Anyway, I am meant to be out so, laters!

"It's almost over now, almost over now"